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'Prevent and Save' programme praised in EPA report.


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has recently published its 2012 National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) annual report. In the report the EPA have praised Repak’s ‘Prevent and Save’ programme, the main driver behind the Packaging Waste Prevention Programme:

The pinnacle of the waste hierarchy is prevention and future development of PRIs should place significant emphasis on promotion of prevention in the design and operation of all schemes. Compliance schemes should incentivise their members to place products on the market that are easy to recycle and that do not need to be recycled for a long time (i.e long life products). Schemes should consider the eco-design of products in developing their charging scheme for members with benefits for those placing very energy efficient or long-life products on the market. Compliance schemes should also promote systems where companies have contracts for items to be returned to them for end of life where then effective recycling takes place. These actions would encourage better product designs. The Packaging Waste Prevention programme operated by REPAK is an excellent example of what can be achieved.

Please click here for the full annual report.